Case Study

Bella Notte Ristorante is a family-owned, fine dining Italian restaurant in the heart of Troon North, Scottsdale. With a high-end atmosphere and five star cuisine they needed branding to match. The challenge with this client was that they needed a complete branding package but had a limited budget to accomplish it all.

The restaurant itself provided a beautiful backdrop for the website in the form of full page background images of the restaurant and food. To keep the clients budget in-check, we handled all of the photography directly rather than hiring an expensive third-party commercial photographer. This also helped keep the look of the photographs consistent as we took additional photographs for many of the marketing pieces and print ads that we created for the client.

With a seasonal menu that was constantly evolving it was important for the client that the menu and the other content on the site was easily editable for them. We used WordPress as our CMS of choice for the project and highly customized it to suit the clients needs. We also integrated a customer retention program through on-site subscriptions as well as in-restaurant material included with the check. This allowed the client to grow a sizable database of frequent customers to market special events and member only discounts to their patrons.

In addition to web design, print design of advertisements and collateral material and custom photography we also provided SEO services that allowed Bella Notte Ristorante to enjoy high search rankings while their business was in operation.


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